Apple Pie

This week in our blog hop we’re doing a tutorial, or a “how to.”

Because my biography states that I like baking pies, I sometimes get asked for recipes, or what kind of pies I bake.

I live on a farm, and we have four apple trees. Two of them produce good apples for eating and for pies. I think one of the trees is a Braeburn, but I’m not sure (the trees are about 60 years old). One tree ripens early, in August, and the other in September. So for four or five weeks, we are busy picking up apples the tree has dropped (so we can mow under it), picking them from the tree, and giving them away. And freezing them for pie and making apple sauce.

Aside from apples, we have peach trees and blackberry bushes. The peach trees are only four years old, so production is hit or miss. The blackberries usually produce very well. We use them for jam and for pies. The variety we have is pretty tart and contains lots of seeds. When I use them for pies I mix them half and half with apples. Less seeds, good balance of tart and sweet. But by far, the pie I bake the most is apple.

To me, the best part of the pie is the crust. I usually roll them thick, and build up the edges a lot. It’s a personal preference, though, and how much crust used is up to the baker. I also like to add things sometimes, like raisins (I thought it would be terrible, but it’s actually very good) pecans, or caramel. All make a great pie.

Today I’ll give the recipe for a basic apple pie. Dessert should be sweet and rich, so there’s lots of sugar and butter. Enjoy!


The photos are: one of last falls apples; mixing butter and lard with dry ingredients; wrapped dough ready for refrigerator; butter on top of apples and flour/sugar-spice mixture; and finished pie.

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