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Announcing the Release of The Art of Retribution

I'm ecstatic to announce Book 2 of The Art of Living Duet will be released November 28, 2016!

I delayed this month's newsletter until I could announce the release date for the final installment of my series. It's available for pre-order and on sale. From now until 11/27/2016, you can by for only $0.99 by clicking here!

Returning to her small hometown, Maddie was looking forward to celebrating a friend’s wedding and spending time alone with Zac, her long distance boyfriend. But within hours of her arrival, joy turns to fear when she barely escapes a hit and run driver intent on killing her. 

Certain it’s her father, who wants to silence her to avoid prison, Maddie devises a plan to bring him to justice. Entering a dangerous game of cat and mouse to lure him out of hiding, she soon learns her father will go to any length to hurt her, even harming the innocent. As she fights to survive, deeply buried secrets come to the surface, revealing not everyone is who they seem, nor is everything as it appears. The truth could free Maddie from her past... or cause her world to shatter. 

A sexy romance and heart-pounding mystery, The Art of Retribution explores the exhilaration of falling in love, the anguish of loss, and the devastating consequences of secrets long-held by family who will risk everything to protect us. 

And the winner is...

Last month, our giveaway was 2 signed paperback copies of The Art of Going Home and The Art of Getting Away. Our winners are:

Felicia P.
Catherine G.


The Labor Pains of Writing a Book

Today in my post I thought I’d give an update on my progress (slow as it is) on The Art of Retribution.

It’s the sequel to The Art of Going Home, and the final book of the series.

First, there’s the cover. It’s always a challenge to find one that will appeal to the largest number of potential readers, invite them to open the book, and coordinate with the first cover in the series. I’ve got a concept in mind, and I’m hoping to create it myself. My graphic art skills are rudimentary, though. Creating something beautiful will definitely test my skills (and tolerance for frustration!). Here is a crude mock up along with the first book.

I’ve found it’s harder to write the second book than the first. Maybe because in the first I had the freedom to do anything I wanted: to take the characters and/or plot in any direction. The second book has to answer all the questions left open in the first, and introduce a separate plot realistic in the context of the characters’ personality and the setting. It all has to be wrapped up in a way that will leave the reader satisfied.


I’ve written 38,000 words so far, and hope to reach about 66,000 words before editing (about 200 pages.) Don’t know if I’ll end up with that many, but we’ll see. I still have to consult with experts regarding the medical and legal details of the plot.

I’d hoped to get the manuscript ready to send to my editor by the end of July. Well... not sure THAT will happen. I have to edit it myself before I send it out. Self-editing is very difficult. Since I know what I’m expressing, it’s hard to see when the writing is unclear or confusing.

Then, there’s the step in the middle of all the editing that comprises the beta-readers. Beta-readers are the folks who agree to read the manuscript and provide honest feedback about a pre-published, still-to-be-finalized book. Depending on their feedback, re-writes could be anything from small tweaks to major modifications of the plot line. The last step is the proofreader, who fixes punctuation, grammar, repetition, and points any plot inconsistencies.

YIKES! I get nervous just thinking about it.

So tell me, is there anything you readers would like to see in the sequel? Any questions answered or anything happen to the characters?

I’d love your input!