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The three book series includes The Art of Going Home, The Art of Being Broken, and The Art of Getting Away


The Art of Going Home, Book 1: Maddie dreads going home after a decade to face the memories of her dead sister. As it turns out, the haunting reminders of her twin’s murder are the least of her worries. . .

Not given details of the drowning so many years ago, Maddie is persuaded to track down the killer. Her investigation brings to light suppressed childhood memories, and she begins to doubt everything she once believed. And everybody she thought she could trust. Including Zac, her high school crush. Though powerless to resist their attraction, Maddie isn't sure she can forgive his betrayal. Will the horrifying discovery of who killed her sister heal old wounds... or scar her forever? 

The Art of Retribution, Book 2: To celebrate a friend's wedding, Maddie again visits her small home town. But within hours of her arrival, joy turns to fear when she barely escapes a hit and run driver intent on killing her. Certain it's her father, who needs to silence her to avoid prison, Maddie devises a plan to bring him to justice. As she fights to survive his dangerous game of cat and mouse, she learns not everyone is who they say they are. The truth could finally free Maddie from her past... or cause her world to shatter. 

With sexy romance and heart-pounding mystery, the duology explores the exhilaration of falling in love, the anguish of loss, and the devastating consequences of secrets long held by family who will risk everything to protect us.



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Autumn is here. It's time for a giveaway!

Happy October everyone! It's the time of year we drink hot cider around the bonfire and enjoy gatherings of family and friends. And I have some Big News! Book 2 of The Art of Living series book duet, The Art of Retribution is complete and in the editing process. Here's the cover. 

In Book 2, the story of Maddie and Zac continues when Maddie returns to her small Midwestern hometown for a friend's wedding. But before she can get to the bachelorette party, trouble finds her. It's the perfect balance of steamy romance and mystery. 

To celebrate, I'm giving away 2 signed copies of Book 1, The Art of Going Home. And as a BONUS, I'm including  signed copies of the companion short story, The Art of Getting Away! To enter, sign up for my Monthly Newsletter here. Everybody already on my mailing list is automatically entered (so if you're getting this email, you could win)! Tell your family, friends, co-workers, bosses, hair-stylist and barista! The giveaway ends October 16.   

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Here's an excerpt from The Art of Going Home. During Maddie's first visit home, she's is having dinner with her best friend Tabitha (nicknamed Tabs). They're talking about Zac's previous relationship:

Pouring the last of the wine into my glass while trying to appear unconcerned, I rasped, “When was this?”
     “Zac ended it about ten months ago. Elaine talks bad about him behind his back, but would stoop to anything to get him to go out with her again. As if he would. Like my daddy always said, ‘You can’t shit in one hand and eat out the other.’”
     “I guess that explains what she said to him after the vigil. That he knew how to get in touch with her.” My hand flew up to cover my mouth. “Oh my God! Did they sleep together?”
     “I doubt it,” Tabs said, quickly backpedaling. “Who could blame any girl for wanting to? Mm, mm, mmm. With that body of his? Even though Zac obviously knows how good-looking he is, he’s a great catch. You need to take the opportunity to see how things develop between you two.” She went to the kitchen and brought back a second bottle of wine.
     “I don’t know. Zac and me? Aren’t we like brother and sister? And we live so far apart.”
     “Don’t kid yourself,” she scoffed. “He hasn’t looked at you like a sibling since you were a freshman in high school. And neither have you. There are ways to manage the distance.” She could see my hesitation, so she pressed, “Come on, you’ve known him your whole life. He’s a good guy.”
     “I know he is. Probably too good for me. Besides, I’m not sure I’ll ever be ready to trust a man enough to let him get close.”
     “You have to be willing to learn,” she said. “I bet Zac is the right one to teach you how to open your heart.”




Nicole's Newsletter


The Art of Getting Away

Big news this month! My short story is now available on Amazon for 99 cents, and it's FREE with KindleUnlimited! New cover, same great romance mystery.

The Art of Getting Away:
When her SUV leaves her stranded, Carlos helps get it running again, then can’t stop thinking about the sassy girl with the blue-green eyes. After discovering she’s in the cross hairs of the most violent outlaw motorcycle gang in the Midwest, Carlos goes in way over his head when he tries to help her get away.

Labor Day Giveaway!

To celebrate this Labor Day, I'm giving away e-copies of The Art of Going Home! 

The Art of Going Home:         While visiting her small hometown, things get risky for Maddie as she follows mysterious clues leading to her twin sister’s killer. The evidence ultimately reveals a dark and disturbing past. When the man she trusted deceives her, the future she’d just begun to hope for crumbles to dust. In this story about the extremes of loyalty and betrayal, love, in all its forms, is put to the test.

My novel and short story are also available in collections!

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No longer Available

No longer Available

Nicole's Newsletter

May has been a very busy month!
I learned that my publisher was going out of business at the end of the month. 
As of June 1, 2016 I will continue to self-publish my work, 
and apologize in advance if there are any glitches. 
The Art of Going Home can currently be purchased on Amazon, 
and will available soon through Barnes & Noble, kobo, iBooks, Scribd, and many more! 
Thank you for your patience during the transition.  

Stories of Sun, Sand and Sea
11 Beaches - Anything can Happen

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