Stories of Sun, Sand and Sea

The anthology, Stories of Sun, Sand and Sea is available for pre-order! Only 99 cents!

My short story (The Art of Getting Away) is included with 10 other stories! They take place on 11 beaches. It's a great summer read. 

Today I'm featuring an interview with my character, Carlos Redondo, from The Art of Getting Away.

The short story is a companion to my series The Art of Living. The main character is Carlos, who lives in the small Midwestern town of Clantonville, Missouri, where he grew up. He’s thirty-four years old, and has one younger brother, Zac.

The story occurs when Carlos takes a vacation at Table Rock Lake. There he meets a sassy girl he calls Andie.

Let’s listen in as Carlos answers a few questions:

Question: “What is your superpower?”

Carlos: “I’d have to say cars. I can fix almost anything wrong with them. I’ve been hanging around my Uncle Jose’s garage since I was a teenager, and I’ve worked for him full time for over ten years. He’s the best mechanic there is, and he’s taught me everything he knows. So if it’s broke, I can figure out how to fix it.”

Question: “What’s your biggest regret?”

Carlos: “I recently lost my aunt, who was like a mother to me. My biggest regret is that I didn’t appreciate her more when she was here. My mother left when I was four, and I never saw her again until a few weeks ago. Looking back, I realize how involved my Aunt Cecilia was in my life. I wish I’d have told her more often how important she was to me, not just at the end.”

Question: “But you did get a chance to tell her?”

Carlos: “Yes, I did. She had cancer, so her death wasn’t a complete surprise. I sat with her one afternoon about a month before she passed, and told her how much she meant to me. We had a chance to remember some of the crazy things I did as a teenager when I was going through a rebellious phase. She kept me out of trouble with my dad, who was a deputy sheriff. She was always there when I needed her, with a smile, or a hug, or just to listen. It’s hard being without her now, knowing I’ll never see her again. We were really close.”

Question: “Clothes in the hamper or on the floor?”

Carlos: “It’s about fifty-fifty. I try to keep the place neat, but sometimes it gets away from me. Gets pretty messy.”

Question: “Do you have a favorite pet?”

Carlos: “I don’t have a pet. If I did, it would be a dog. A big one, like a German shepherd or a Rottweiler. One that would be good for protection, but well-trained. I hate dogs that have bad manners.”

Question: “What’s your favorite food?”

Carlos: “I like spicy food. My Aunt Marie is a great cook, and she makes the best Mexican food. I love her chicken enchiladas. She makes them with her homemade green salsa and sour cream. Delicious.”

Question: “And your favorite vacation spot?”

Carlos: “Table Rock Lake, in the Missouri Ozarks. I recently went there for vacation. I stayed in a little cabin that had a nice private beach. It was beautiful, peaceful. Real special. Even more so because of the people. You just never know who you might meet there.”

Question: “Where do you see yourself in five years?”

Carlos: “Funny you should ask me that. A year ago I would have said the same place I am now. I like small town life, and I like being single. I never wanted the responsibility of a wife and family, or even a pet. But lately I’m not so sure about the single part. I may reconsider that. Having children might not be so bad. You never know what the future holds.”