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More reviews are being posted for The Art of Going Home on Amazon. If you haven't had the opportunity to add yours, please take a moment to get it out there! It only needs to be a few words, and it's the best way to support an author!



Coming June 28th!

The Art of Living Series Book Duet (The Art of Going Home - available now and The Art of Retribution - coming this fall) will have a companion short story!

The Art of Getting Away is approximately 10,000 words (about 25 pages), and will be published in an anthology called Stories of Sun, Sand and Sea: 11 Beaches ~ Anything Can Happen.  It features Carlos, the brother of the hero from the books, and a girl he meets while taking a vacation at the lake, named Andi. When Carlos tries to protect her from an outlaw motorcycle gang, it's an adventure you won't want to miss!