I Love to Travel

This year I’d planned to go to Guatemala, but unfortunately the trip was cancelled. So this week I’m traveling around south Texas with a short stop into Mexico and the coast.

Two hours into the trip, a detour to the Urgent Care was required. I had a 103 degree fever, bilateral ear infections, a ruptured eardrum, and bronchitis. Three prescriptions later, we were able to continue south.


Texas is one of my favorite regions of the country because of the influence of Latin America. I love the Tex-Mex food and the BBQ, the warm weather and thunder-storms, live-oaks, the flat open spaces, and Spanish language.  It’s big, bold, and spicy.


A shopping trip into a Mexican border town started with a visit to the bakery for pastries and coffee with a live mariachi duet providing the background music. We bought vanilla, pottery, blankets, jewelry, and leather goods. A late lunch of authentic chicken tacos, queso flameado (oven melted fresh cheese served in warm tortillas with salsa), and margaritas was a great way to end the excursion.


A few days later and a few hours up to the coast, we’re on the gulf enjoying the sun and salt water.  A walk in the warm afternoon along the sand in the waves among the weekend beach-goers, then out to dinner. We’ll spend two days enjoying the high seventies, blue sky and cerulean waters before heading home. Hopefully mild spring weather will be waiting.