The Cover for The Art of Going Home and Adventures in Fast Food

Choosing the image for your book cover is very difficult. The cover art has so many roles to fill. It’s got to stand out from millions of other covers; it needs to entice the reader; and it needs to relate to the genre. It’s the image that will represent the blood, sweat, and tears you put into your writing.

Since my story is both a romance and a mystery, it was difficult to choose which genre to portray. The ever popular naked male torso? (There’s no mistaking that for anything other than a romance novel!) A sinister scene of police tape surrounding a child’s body? (Clearly a murder mystery.) After considering dozens of concept covers, in the end, I chose neither.

Woven throughout The Art of Going Home’s plot is the struggle of the heroine Madisen to come to terms with the events that occur during her visit to her hometown. It’s the story of her personal journey as she struggles to cope with the death of her surrogate mother, the antagonism of her father and the emotions re-experienced surrounding the murder of her twin sister that took place a few days after their tenth birthday. The things she discovers about her sister’s drowning shock her, and she fears for her sanity. She feels adrift and vulnerable, floating in a sea of uncertainty, unsure she will survive the turmoil thrust upon her.

The image of a young woman adrift seemed the most appropriate.

Tell me what you think. Does the cover make you wonder what’s going on? What cover would you choose? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

On a completely unrelated note, I’m featuring a short escapade written by a friend of mine about his quest for a quick meal. Enjoy!

Jeffrey Adams Post on Facebook
 1:33 am · February 13

I went into Wendy’s today. I ordered the 4 for 4, obviously, like anyone would do. “Are you dining in?” Do I want a bag? Don’t sugar coat it with your marketing speak. I’m at Wendy’s ordering a 4 for 4, either or will do for both parties. “4 for 4 with the crispy chicken please.” This fellow seems competent but I don't trust him enough to ask for no mayonnaise. My card, yes here you go, swipes and back to me & “here’s your drink cup.” Well done, well done Wendy’s. Many a times Micky D’s will leave you standing with your phone in your hand while waiting on your order. Not at Wendy’s, you best hurry over & touch the same button every being off the ark has touched to get your soda because guess what? ORDER UP!

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