How Do You Relieve Stress?

Let’s face it. It’s something we all have. And we all deal with stress in different ways. The trick is to accept responsibility for it, and then deal with it constructively so it doesn’t wreck your life. Here’s some tips that might help.

1. Move Thyself! I hate to admit how often I procrastinate exercise. But when I spend twenty minutes a day being active, I feel better. Gardening, house cleaning, walking--it doesn’t matter. Those minutes of constant movement give me a new perspective.

                        GiGi's a great listener

                        GiGi's a great listener

2. Get it off your chest. Talking about a specific problem, or even just the events of your day, helps you feel understood. Go to an environment where you feel safe in your emotions and are reassured by others. It will calm your nerves. I always talk to GiGi. She’s a great listener!

3. Dodge the bullet. There are always stresses in our day that are predictable. Whether it’s traffic, a meeting, or an individual that simply makes you climb the wall, eliminating the stressors can go a long way. Also, avoiding unnecessary stress can be as simple as separating the “Need To Do’s” from the “Have To Do’s.” Learn to say no politely, but firmly. And, if it’s something you must do, face it and get it over with. You’ll feel much better.

4. Change the situation. Learn the art of compromise. You won’t feel powerless, and having even a little control reduces anxiety.

5. Adapt. Put a positive spin on it. Try to focus on the benefits.  And remember, you don’t have to be perfect.

6. Have some fun. Doing something you truly enjoy every day revives the mind and soul. For me, a fifteen minute break playing with GiGi and her toys clears the cobwebs. Don't skip the vacation! Getting away from the routine really does recharge the batteries.  

7. Embrace healthy living. We all know it. Sufficient sleep and a healthy balanced diet are good for us. We can’t cope with what life throws at us if we’re lethargic or exhausted. Enough said!

How do you do it? Share the ways you deal with your stress.