How Do You Spend the Holidays?

When I think of Christmas, I always remember attending midnight mass when I was a child. After supper on Christmas Eve, we’d put on the new dresses Mom made for me and my sister (one year it was red velveteen jumpers with white blouses underneath), and were allowed to open one present. Then we’d bundle up and get in the car for the half hour ride to church. Though we intended to arrive early, we never managed to do so.

It was always crowded, and we had to squeeze into a pew. I remember the hymns being sung, but was usually struggling a bit to stay awake for the rest of it. I also remember the large nativity set up in the window of the church. Baby Jesus was not placed in the manger until Christmas Day.

 On this day celebrating the arrival of Jesus, I wish everyone a day of joy and peace. 

Please share how you spend the holidays. And check out my fellow blogger, Kelly Williams.