Sneak peeks into The Art of Going Home

This week in our blog hop we're interviewing our characters. Please join me as my main character, Madisen, discusses her best friend Tabitha Lynn Strayer.

I’ve mentioned Tabitha before in my posts. She plays an important role in The Art of Going Home as she provides emotional support to Madisen.  Tabitha grew up in Alabama until the age of ten. She has a pronounced drawl, and often uses sayings common to the south.

In the following excerpt, Madisen talks to Zac about the first time she met Tabitha:

    “It was the first day of middle school, and she’d recently moved to town. We were in the locker room, changing for gym class. Elaine had her cornered, trying to monopolize the new girl. You know how she liked to have minions to lead around by the nose? Elaine pointed at me and told Tabs, ‘Watch out for that one. She murdered her twin sister during summer vacation. Held her under the water until she drowned.’

     “Tabs inspected me carefully. She told Elaine she didn’t believe it. Said I was too scrawny to be able to hold anyone under water ‘til they drowned. I was astonished that anyone would stand up to Elaine like that. She turned her back on Elaine, walked up to me, and said, ‘My name is Tabitha Lynn Strayer, but I’ll let you call me Tabs.’ Telling her my name was the first word I spoke since…” I stopped and looked down at my hands.

     “Since Angeline died?” Zac said softly. I nodded, not correcting his assumption that her death was the reason I’d stopped talking. In reality, it was because I’d been blamed for it. I quickly swallowed the traitorous tears that formed.

     “She took my hand,” I said, not looking up. “And we left the locker room together. I guess you could say that, in a way, she hasn’t let go of my hand ever since.”

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