Preparing for Winter

This week, our blog hop is about what we do to prepare our house, garden or yard for winter...

One of our apples

One of our apples

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I have to admit right up front that my favorite season is late summer: I love warm weather. So the approach of winter doesn’t appeal as much. I can’t go barefoot as I do all summer, and cold weather means I have to wrap up in scarves and put on gloves. Nevertheless, the reprieve from the heat is nice. In the country, we can leave our windows open at night.

 There are numerous chores that must be done in the fall, and this year is no exception.

This was a good year for apples and pears--the trees produced very well. The fruit that’s still on the branch must be hand-picked and prepared for the freezer or baked into pies. What falls to the ground is chopped up to feed to the cows as a treat. It was a good season for walnuts as well. A five gallon bucket can be filled with them every day. Late green beans are ready in the first days of October, and we Midwesterners do love our green beans. The last of the cantaloupe and watermelons are gathered, and sweet potatoes dug.

gigi wearing her winter sweater

gigi wearing her winter sweater

 The tenant farmer that leases the family pastures will be weaning the calves soon. You can be sure autumn has arrived when both cows and calves are heard mooing in protest of their separation. Geese honk, and combines are moving through the fields harvesting soybeans.

 At parties, apple pie moonshine or cinnamon whiskey in warm apple juice is favored over cold beer and ale. This year our Halloween costume event will feature a whole roasted pig. Our neighbors have an annual family hay ride. There are homecoming parades and high school football games to attend. And of course, I do love postseason baseball. (Go Royals!)

 So, around here, it’s a busy time. Working outside is pleasant if it’s not too chilly, and I love the crispness in the air. And soon enough,  summer will be rolling around again so I can go barefoot.

What do you do to prepare your home, garden or yard for winter? Share, and post photos!

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