Thankful Thursdays

Our blog hop will be posting things we are grateful for once a week. We invite everyone to participate by liking, sharing, or joining us!

Today, I am thankful I live in the country. Growing up in a rural area gave me a unique outlook on life. My father raised crops, and I learned very young that accepting situations that are beyond your control is just a part of life. The most common of these, and the most popular topic of conversation, was the weather. Would it be too wet to plant the crops? Would there be sufficient rain for the crops to grow? Could they be harvested in time to plant the next one? Would it rain after the fertilizer was put on? Should the grain be contracted before harvest for a set price? (If the price rose, you’d be selling below market and earn less than optimum on the sale, and vice versa.)

 So, I learned to pray for the best and prepare for the worst. It’s a good way to travel the road of life.  

 And speaking of roads, I’m also grateful for the many small country highways in our area. They allow the road workers plenty of practice using the machine that paints the stripes before they're promoted to paint the major interstates.