What I'm grateful for . . .

Every day, I’m grateful for the fact I don’t have to work at a regular nine-to-five job. I’m lucky to have the support of my  family in this. I spent many years in the corporate world. While I earned a lot of money, it also came with a lot of stress, and some frustration. Now, I make very little money, but I’m happier without the drama and politics of working for a huge company. I have time for my other vocations: first and foremost, writing; also painting; and gardening.

As I mentioned, my parents and siblings supported my decision to retire early. In exchange for not having a regular job, I live with my elderly parents and assist them. While there are a few drawbacks, it’s a great arrangement that’s mutually beneficial. Living in close proximity to family is great. For many years I lived too far away to attend birthday parties, Easter and Christmas celebrations, and family dinners. So, I’m thankful to again be close enough to attend these family functions.

Another thing I’m very grateful for (which may sound a bit odd to some) is my dog. Having a companion that provides unconditional love is a blessing. My dog always greets me enthusiastically, never complains about what’s for dinner, and doesn’t care if I procrastinate giving her a bath. She’s happy to see me in the morning, perks up at the sound of my voice, and PLAYS PEEK-A-BOO behind the stairs.  She is full of fun, affectionate, and never steals my covers. For me, having a tiny dog is an addiction. I can’t live without one. Someday I’ll be an old lady carrying a small dog around that’s wearing a miniscule dress. I’ve decided that’s okay. After all, everyone is entitled to their eccentricities, and I’m grateful for that, too. 

Please share what things you’re grateful for.  Take a look at Tracie Wooden-Carlisle’s blog (click here)  to see what she’s grateful for. And check out her book! 

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