Sneak Peeks into The Art of Going Home

The last couple of weeks, I’ve put in a lot of hours going over the galleys of  'The Art of Going Home,' and making final edits to the manuscript. It’s given me the chance to reacquaint myself with the characters, and the circumstances they find themselves in.  

Of all the personalities I created in the book, one I especially like is Tabitha. She’s the best friend of the heroine, Maddie. She's loyal, and very protective of the people she loves. Tabitha's friends call her “Tabs,” and she grew up in Alabama until the age of ten. She has a pronounced drawl, and often uses sayings common to the south. I’ll be giving sneak peeks of some of the things Tabs says, such as:

 “You’re looking prettier than a glob of butter meltin’ on a stack of pancakes.”